Woman's Club of Redondo Beach


The Woman's Club of Redondo Beach is a Philanthropic organization that raises funds for local charities, Redondo High Senior's Scholarships, the Redondo Beach Firefighter's Association and numerous charities selected by the Membership each year.  We meet once a month for a Business Meeting, so you can see what events are planned and how you can help.  The meeting is followed by a Program, with valuable information that interests all members and then Lunch.  Lunches are catered or prepared by our Dining Room Committee.  The Woman's Club of Redondo Beach owns the Historical clubhouse where we meet and it is maintained by renting out our facility for weddings, etc.  Our "FUN"draisers are to raise money for our various charities. Join Today

Membership dues are $40 a year due before June 1 for the following year in order to have your information in the September published Yearbook.  Our ladies work together to support our events by helping with planning, various event workings and support.  Do you want to be part of something which is bigger than the sum of all its parts?  If so, then Woman's Club may be just the organization.

"What is a Woman's Club?"   Taken down to a nutshell, Woman's Clubs are grass roots organizations working for the betterment of their community.  They may be large; they may be small, but each in their own way gives back to their neighborhood.  

Woman's Clubs are the first rung in an upward ladder of unification of Clubs.  Each Club is part of a District, a 1st tier support group used to keep local Clubs informed about what's happening at the state level.

The Woman's Club of Redondo Beach is in Marina District along with 7 other Women's Clubs in the South Bay (Torrance WC, Hermosa Beach WC, El Segundo WC, Culver City WC, South Bay Junior WC, Mar Vista WC, Santa Monica Bay WC, Play del Rey WC).  Many Districts make up an Area, a 2nd tier support group.  California has four Areas, all with multiple Districts and Clubs. We are in Area C.

California Federation of Women's Clubs (CFWC) is the top rung of our state.  Great work is accomplished when Clubs from around California work together toward a common end... but we're not done yet!

California is one of several states which make up the Western States Region a tier of our topmost organization, General Federation of Women's Clubs (GFWC.)  Imagine all woman's clubs around the country working toward a single goal!  "It Can Happen" becomes reality.

So what might "It" be?  In 1924 "It" was a white line painted down the center of a road to designate proper lane travel... seen any white lines lately?

It's said that June McCarroll personally painted the first known stripe in California down a section of Route 99 in Indio after a near collision with a Model T - an idea which later became commonplace worldwide.  This is what you are becoming part of when you join a Woman's Club!